Fresh Ink Book 2019
Fresh Ink Book 2017

Fresh Ink is a bi-annual publication featuring prose and poetry by New Zealand authors.

Each issue depicts a different native bird of Aotearoa — conveying a unified voice of the writers in that particular selection.

As a token of reciprocity to our feathered friends, a percentage of sales from each book contributes to the conservation of native birds.

Wild People Business Card
Wild People Business Card

Wild People and Calm Nature are two offerings which stem from the same values yet express through different modalities: Wild People through movement and dance, and Calm Nature through plant medicine.

Both symbols were created from the same foundational grid to give them a sense of connection while also allowing them to express their own unique symbolism, energy and colour-ways.

The business cards were letterpress printed locally by GTO Printers.

Siema Organics Honey Label
Siema Organics Honey Label

The illustration depicts the sub-tropical organic orchard on the Firth of Thames where the honey is produced. A magical place where bees roam amongst orchard blossoms, wild flowers and New Zealand natives.

Printed on biodegradable paper, the labels are one economical size which can be used across three different jar sizes.

Dancing with Angels book

Reflecting the elemental nature of the poems, the dimensions of the book adhere to golden ratio proportions, and each poem is framed with geometric patterns based on elemental and alchemical symbology.

To offer a precious, tactile quality, Dancing With Angels is printed on a textured paper and hand-stitched with thread.

All proceeds from sales of the book go to the Puna Wairua Sacred Land Trust to contribute to creating a community retreat centre.

NZTrio CD cover
NZTrio CD cover back

The NZTrio album Bright Tide Moving Between features live performances of works by Bright Sheng, Ross Edwards, Toru Takemitsu and Gillian Whitehead.

Hand-marbled paper and birds in silhouette, composed of pattern and motif, allude to the water-like themes of the compositions, and also the origins of the composers — from Aotearoa and the Pacific Rim.

Jason Friedlander business cards

This triptych of business cards are interconnected and also stand alone, each one signifying a different means of experiencing sound.

To convey an authentic experience of sound, the soundwave-like pattern was hand-painted while listening to a recording made by the sound healer.

Mahsa ASW Book

Showcasing the collection ‘A Single Woman’ by Mahsa Label, this lookbook features a photoshoot on location at the Brake House in Titirangi.

In affinity with the modernist theme of the location, the lookbook is pared back to the essentials, printed on an uncoated paper and hand-stitched with thread.

Krystie Wade Business Cards

Featuring the bold, colourful, abstract and textural paintings of the artist, this series of business cards offers a playful interpretation of the artist’s work.

The cards are printed on a watercolour-like textured paper.

Embodyoil Courage Bottle

This collection of concentrated essential oils — Courage, Kindness, Joy and Peace — each features an out-take of the full illustrations of the original body oil range.

Every emBODYoil product purchased contributes to the Spreading Kindness gifting programme — which gifts emBODYoil products to hospitals and healthcare communities.

Mahsa Gift Voucher

Featuring imagery of the signature Bow Blouse from Mahsa Label, these gift vouchers speak to the understated, utilitarian, elegant and well-crafted attributes of the brand.

Karla Brodie Cards

A series of plant-like figures in Yoga poses expresses the fluid, easeful, growing yoga practice — and gardening practice — of this teacher.

The business cards are printed in limited runs to enable ever-changing colour combinations of different metallic foils on coloured card.

Amber Tea Peace
Amber Tea Energy

For this range of AmberTea, each of the drawings features the herbal ingredients of the Ayurvedic blend, printed in a corresponding colourway.

The artwork is locally and sustainably screen-printed onto kraft paper bags, with the intention that they may be refilled and reused.