I often wonder about stars. About trees. About the mysteries of the universe; about creativity, beauty, the gossamer web of a spider, a single drop of dew.

This sense of wonderment has enticed me along many paths: from an aspiring art student, to studying graphic design, working in advertising as an illustrator then art director, a sojourn as a jeweller, an immersion in painting, a return to design, a foray into creative writing, studying astrology, tarot, plant medicine, alchemy, and magic.

Over the past 25 years I have worked in epic advertising agencies, boutique design studios, an underground workshop and from my lounge-turned-studio at home.

I have infinite gratitude for this plethora of experiences and places: each of which has enriched my creative process and woven a unique pattern and approach to the way I work and what I have to offer. Whatever I am working on, my ineffable aspiration is to create order, harmony and beauty.

Every project is a magical new adventure: an invitation into infinite possibility, an opportunity to collaborate with people, nature and the cosmos, to weave a new reality and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Photo of Suzanne in portrait