Every project is a magical new adventure: a journey into the mysteries of the universe and the co-creation of a new reality.

This manifesto outlines my approach to design and the guiding principles of my creative process.

The magic of co-creation

Every client has a unique offering to share with the world, and every creation has a unique essence, or spirit. My purpose, as designer, is to attune with the spirit of the offering and work collaboratively to manifest it in its divine and perfect pattern.

Into the mystery

In order to attune with creation energy, an instrumental skill of the designer is to maintain a state of dynamic receptivity — open to infinite potentiality. From this space of unknowing, the design process is explorative and intuitive, allowing the work to naturally, authentically unfold.

Beauty in simplicity

Inspired by the efficiency and harmony of nature, my aim is to create ingenious solutions and communicate the creative work with clarity, emotional intelligence and potential for evolution. To cultivate and craft the work to reveal its inherent truth and unique beauty.

A new reality

With an awareness that thoughts, words and symbols have the power to create a new reality, the work is imbued with richness and depth so that it can communicate on multiple levels, and inspire and delight the hearts, minds and imaginations of humanity.